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This is the place where you can find everything for your Polaris Rzr XP 1000. This is the only place that only focuses on the Rzr 1000. The website is currently under construction right now. We do have some cool pictures and videos up.

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Check back later and we will have new parts and accessories for you to choose from. Below is the link to what we have so far for parts and other items.

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Whether you are riding in the dunes, desert or trail riding, take your Polaris RZR 1000 to the next level. RZR 1000 parts and accessories are designed to enhance the performance and style of your vehicle. Shop our custom RZR 1000 accessories line.

Rzr XP 1000 Intro:

RZR has outlined the recreational side-by-side market, outselling the competition 5 to at least one, and owning a RZR has become a life-style giving social journey,” aforesaid Craig Scanlon, top dog for the cross-country Vehicle Division at North Star. “Our four-seat RZRs give cross-country enthusiasts the power to share that modus vivendi with a lot of of their family and friends, and also the new RZR XP four one thousand is that the final in outside journey for four.

The RZR XP four one thousand is power-driven by an equivalent 999cc ProStar Twin-cylinder engine that puts out 107 H.P.. engineered specifically for side-by-side use, the powerplant options twin Overhead Cams (DOHC), four valves per cylinder and twin EFI throttle bodies. North Star claims it’s the quickest fast four-seat UTV on the market.
Just like the two-seat model we tend to tested simply a few of months agone within the 2014 North Star RZR XP1000 initial Ride, the XP four one thousand has Associate in Nursing all new hollow chassis that reduces flex. Compared to the XP four 900, the one thousand contains a lower cab frame because of a flat second row of seats, that lowers the middle of gravity for nimble handling. Adding to the handling superior skill is Polaris’ Electronic steering mechanism (EPS) and a replacement, high performance All-Wheel Drive system that engages each front wheels with full torsion to maximise the facility to the bottom from the front-end through 29-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires.
Getting in and out of the XP four one thousand is simpler because of larger openings and a lower underpants height. plant quarter-doors replace the netting system of previous models and ar designed for a lot of elbowroom. A high-strength, easy-to-access latch permits for one hand operation.

A host of North Star accessories appropriate the XP four one thousand with integrated mounting points. Installation is straightforward with Polaris’ Lock & Ride increasing Anchors, pass-through areas for wiring and accessories designed to figure seamlessly along.
From the primary stab at the throttle, it absolutely was clear that the facility on faucet from the XP 1000’s ProStar powerplant is on a whole new level. The bottom-end grunt that’s place to the dirt through the PVT transmission is eye gap. There’s such a lot on faucet right from the offset that you just either spin the tires within the loose dirt or get ironed deep into the seat once the traction is sweet. the facility continues to make even as powerfully through the mid-range and at last tapers off at the top-end. I’ve ne’er driven a stock machine with such a lot speed and power on faucet. For the primary time in a very side-by-side, I really say that this can be quick enough. i used to be ne’er left wanting a lot of.

Throttle response is snappy and at the side of the strength of the powerplant, breaking the bottom loose in each 2- and 4-wheel drive is straightforward at with reference to any speed. And once things go sideways, you’d higher be prepared. because of its abundance of suspension travel the XP one thousand has a lot of body roll than previous models, even with a replacement, larger sway bar. once the burden rolls to the surface of the corner, the rear suspension squats on the gas and lifts the front within wheel. initially it may be unsettling for a novice driver, however once a couple of times you alter your comfort level and driving vogue. simply don’t expect to jam it into a berm such as you would with a slower and lower machine. Respect the power, speed and wheel-travel and every one is sweet.